Creating a Simple Blog Post with a Featured Image

Quick Guide to Creating a Simple Blog Post with a Featured Image and Categories in WordPress

Creating a simple blog post with a featured image and categories is easy! On this page I will walk you through the steps of getting this done. I’ve included a video and text (just in case you want to print out the steps)!

YouTube Video Direct Link

Steps to Create a Simple Post

Logging Into Your Website

  1. Log into your website at
  2. Enter your login credentials
  3. Enter your 2FA code (if this is activated on your account)

Creating Your Post

  1. In the menu on the left hover over “Post” (or you can use the Quick Draft option on the Dashboard)
  2. Click the “Add New” link
  3. Add a title to your post
  4. Add content to your post (keep in mind you will be defaulted to seeing an HTML Markup box if you do not create your post with the Quick Draft option on your Dashboard).
  5. You can hover over the space directly below the HTML Markup box to see the PLUS sign. Once you see the PLUS sign you can choose the option to insert a paragraph, but if you do not see that option you can simply type the word ‘paragraph’ into the search box.

Adding a Featured Image

  1. Expand the “Featured image” section on the right side of the screen
  2. Click the “Set featured image” button
  3. Select your media or use the “Upload files” tab at the top to add a new image
    a. If uploading an image Click “Select Files” in the “Upload files” tab
    b. Locate your image
  4. Enter information (if needed) such as Alt Text, Title, Caption, and/or Description
  5. Click “Set featured image” button at the bottom right

Selecting Categories

You may also add categories to make it easier for your reader to narrow down their search to the specific topic they want to read about.

  1. Expand the “Categories” section on the right side of the screen
  2. Uncheck the “Uncategorized” block
  3. Choose your category(ies)

Editing Your Post

You may edit your post later by going back to the Posts section in the left column of the admin area of your site or by clicking the “Edit Post” in the top bar while you are on the post page.

More Coming

There are a lot more features that can be set on your posts. We will cover those in more detail in other posts / videos. Please check back often for updates.

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