John Weeks

Hey there! I’m John.

I’m a co-owner, designer, and coder for Webpage Mage! I have an extensive background in graphic design, desktop publishing, computer hardware/software, networking, and website design. Designing and building websites is the perfect way to loop computers, networking, and design together.

Additionally, I’m CompTIA Network+ certified. This brings network security, cloud backup, and so much more into the mix. I have designed and built websites for the State of Tennessee and a whole host of other businesses and non-profits. I’ve also won awards for my designs; 1st Place in State Competition and 3rd Place in Regional Competition.

I firmly believe in measuring success by quality! You deserve both a top-quality website and top-quality customer service. I want to bring you both!

This is Spanky! He was too interested in the goings-on of the Christmas festivities to look at the camera.